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    Alder Flycatcher / Empidonax alnorum

    : Breeds. early Jun-early Aug anywhere with a good stand of alder such as the trailhead at Ship Harbor, the southern part of the Clark Point Road loop in Tremont, and the Alder Trail on Schoodic Point. Detection becomes more difficult after mid-Jun as song declines after egg laying and almost vanishes by the end of Jul. However the distinctive "pip" call notes continue.

    : , but a challenge to identify when silent, mid May-early Jun with to mid Jun, and early Aug to mid Sep with a peak late Aug and to late Sep. Habitat as in breeding season but also in open brushy areas generally.

    Miscellany: Until the early 1970s, Alder and Willow Flycatchers were considered the same species, Traill's Flycatcher. Different songs and (mostly) breeding ranges led initially to the species' separation, a decision confirmed by more recent genetic comparisons. At present silent Alder/Willow Flycatchers cannot be identified in the field with certainty.

    You can learn more about Alder Flycatcher and see images here

    Last Updated: September 26th, 2022


    1. 3. Clark Point Road 44.259751, -68.386334
    2. 4. Schoodic Point 44.332627, -68.059814
    3. 5. Ship Harbor 44.229819, -68.325004
    4. 6. Sieur de Monts 44.364333, -68.207333
    5. 7. Crooked Road/Norway Drive 44.414297857299, -68.295642909031