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    American Bittern / Botarus lentiginosus

    : Breeds. Singing and presumed nesting birds late Apr-Jul in MDI's major wetlands including the upper reaches of Northeast Creek, Sieur de Monts, the Schooner Head Road marshes and the marshes at the south end of Seal Cove Pond.

    : but more likely rarely detected early/mid Apr and again mid Sep-mid Oct with to early Nov. Could turn up anywhere, around water if available but also in field edges, back yards and on the .

    Miscellany: American Bittern's low, resonant, gulping, and completely wonderful ‘pump-erlump' song is best heard at dusk and dawn early in the breeding season, but also at night and even occasionally during the day. Listen here

    You can learn more about American Bittern and see images here.

    Last Updated: September 26th, 2022


    1. 1. Schooner Head Road Marshes 44.347021, -68.181995
    2. 2. Northeast Creek 44.419131, -68.306941
    3. 3. Seal Cove Pond 44.299757, -68.396862