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    American Goldfinch / Spinus tristis

    : Breeds. and conspicuous late May-mid Sep in towns, villages and open weedy areas.

    : and late Apr-mid May and again late Sep-mid Nov with a late Oct peak.

    : . In some winters hundreds are present, primarily at bird feeders. In other winters there are few if any.

    Miscellany: The brilliant yellow and highly vocal male American Goldfinch is one of our most conspicuous breeding birds. They are as well one of the very few bird vegetarians, even when feeding nestlings. A curious byproduct of this strategy is that nestlings of the brood parasite Brown-headed Cowbird can't survive in goldfinch nests, perhaps because baby cowbirds can't extract the necessary protein from a vegetarian diet.

    You can learn more about American Goldfinch and see images here.

    Last Updated: September 26th, 2022