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    American Oystercatcher / Haematopus palliates

    : Breeds. and but increasing May-Aug on Petit Manan Island and nearby Green Island where regularly seen from the visiting Bar Harbor whalewatch boats. Also nested 2019 on Trumpet Island in lower Blue Hill Bay.

    : mid/late April-mid May and again mid Sep-mid Oct with to late November. Most likely to be encountered on the southmost peninsulas and .

    Miscellany: One of the 2015 Green Island pair was banded elsewhere and the band number read with a telescope. It had been banded initially as a nestling in 2006 on Nantucket, MA, and was sighted again in 2014 near Charleston, SC.

    American Oystercatcher is one of the few birds that feeds on salt-water bivalve mollusks. They're efficient too; one of the Green Island birds was seen to extract the meat from a mussel in about three seconds.

    Last Updated: May 31st, 2022


    1. 1. Petit Manan Island 44.367064353203, -67.865525513775
    2. 2. Trumpet Island 44.242148, -68.442434
    3. 3. Green Island 44.371936, -67.862890