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    American Pipit / Anthus rubescens

    : mid Apr-late May and mid Sep-late Oct with to late Nov. Favors open shorelines, bare ground including mountain tops, close-cropped or stubble fields and golf courses. Most often heard in flight. A Mar 15, 2010 record from Sand Beach is best thought of as an early migrant. A Jun 26, 2021 record from Mount Desert Rock is hard to explain.

    : Feb 6, 1976 in Seal Harbor but at least two occurred in 2022-23; Seawall Dec 11-27, 2022 and Schoodic Island Feb 1, 2023.

    Miscellany: Pipits migrate diurnally, moving in loose flocks sometime numbering, in fall, a hundred birds or more. Most flocks are of 10 or fewer and single birds comprise the majority of the encounters.

    Last Updated: February 6th, 2023


    1. 1. Sand Beach 44.329502, -68.183277
    2. 2. Mount Desert Rock 43.968708, -68.127782