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    American Redstart / Setophaga ruticilla

    : Breeds. mid May to early Aug in deciduous and mixed woodland such as the beech-maple woods between Jordan Pond and the Cadillac Mountain Road, and in the birch woodlands on both sides of the Schooner Head Road Marshes.

    : and mid/late May to early Jun with from late Apr, and again early Aug to late Sep with a peak late Aug/early Sep and to late Nov.

    Miscellany: American Redstart is the only warbler where one year old males look very different from and much less spectacular than older males. They try to breed but are usually forced to marginal habitats by dominant older males and have little success attracting mates.

    You can learn more about American Redstart and see images here.

    Last Updated: September 26th, 2022


    1. 1. Jordan Pond 44.325540250978, -68.253693167193
    2. 2. Schooner Head Road Marshes 44.347021, -68.181995