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    American Robin / Turdus migratorius

    : Breeds. to late Mar-early Sep in deciduous and mixed woodlands throughout, especially in towns and villages.

    : to and in open landscapes, often in large flocks, beginning mid Mar with peak late Mar/early Apr, and again mid Sep to mid Nov, with peak mid/late Oct and to late Nov.

    : and early Dec-late Feb, usually in towns with berry-bearing shrubs, becoming rarer as the season progresses and food supplies are consumed.

    Miscellany: American Robin is a diurnal migrant and on some spring and fall days with heavy robin migration, one can see hundreds overhead or in open fields and pastures. For some the first loud robin song on a warm March evening is a reassuring sign that winter is in retreat. The American Robins we see in winter may not be the ones that search for worms in our summer lawns and gardens but rather the very dark backed, dark headed and hardy populations that breed in eastern Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland.

    Last Updated: April 17th, 2022