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    Atlantic Puffin / Fratercula arctica

    : Breeds. to late Apr-late Aug on Petit Manan Island (about 85 pairs and several hundred non-breeders in 2021). In years, up to five pairs have bred on the south end of Great Duck Island. to where these populations forage. Puffins are virtually assured on Bar Harbor whale watch cruises to Petit Manan island but otherwise they are only seen on about half of the May to Sep whale watch cruises.

    : No certainly migrating birds detected other than those arriving at Petit Manan Island. Probably to Oct-Apr, but few data. Nov to Mar from Schoodic Point and the Park Loop Road between Sand Beach and Otter Point, typically after easterly storms.

    Miscellany: The brightly colored parts of Atlantic Puffin's bill are actually horny plates which develop before the breeding season and are shed soon after breeding is completed. Atlantic Puffin chicks leave their nest burrows at night and head out to sea, alone.

    Last Updated: October 25th, 2022


    1. 1. Petit Manan Island 44.367064353203, -67.865525513775
    2. 2. Sand Beach 44.329502, -68.183277
    3. 3. Park Loop Road 44.323161, -68.188087
    4. 4. Otter Point 44.308417, -68.191367
    5. 5. Schoodic Point 44.332627, -68.059814
    6. 6. Great Duck Island 44.152000, -68.249297