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    Barred Owl / Strix varia

    : in mature, moist deciduous and mixed woodlands. For some years a pair has frequented the Jessup Path near Sieur du Monts and near the southern outflow of Hodgdon Pond on the Long Pond Fire Road. Singing begins late Jan/early Feb and continues into Mar, declining once eggs are laid. There appears to be a singing revival Aug/Sep possibly from dispersing young. Difficult to find at other times of year.

    Miscellany: During their prime singing period, Barred Owls can respond vigorously to even poor renditions of their most common song, popularly translated as "Who-cooks-for you...Who-cooks for you-all". Listen here.

    You can learn more about Barred Owls and see images here.

    Last Updated: September 26th, 2022


    1. 1. Hodgdon Pond 44.315559, -68.397539
    2. 2. Jessup Path 44.366150, -68.212221