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    Black-backed Woodpecker / Picoides arcticus

    : Formerly a in extensive spruce/fir woods but not confirmed as a breeder since 1996. Probably still breeds in very small numbers, with reports from the Blagden Preserve.

    : late Oct-late Apr in spruce/fir forest, more during the infrequent ‘irruption' years of which there have been zero recently. Bass Harbor Head, Ship Harbor Trail, and Otter Point are places where in years birds have occurred.

    Miscellany: Black-backs favor recently dead or dying spruce in which their preferred food, larval wood-boring beetles, are present. Extensive blowdowns or fire ravaged areas sometimes attract multiple individuals. Most are first detected by their tapping, soft in this species as they scale bark off trees rather than drill deep holes.

    Last Updated: May 31st, 2022


    1. 1. Otter Point 44.308417, -68.191367
    2. 2. Ship Harbor 44.229819, -68.325004
    3. 3. Blagden Preserve 44.385722, -68.369222
    4. 4. Bass Harbor Head 44.222736, -68.336195