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    Black-capped Chickadee / Poecile atricapillis

    : . Early May-late Jul breeder primarily in deciduous and mixed woodlands where they can find or excavate nest holes.

    Miscellany: Black-capped Chickadee's animated presence at winter bird feeding stations, especially if sunflower seeds and suet and/or peanut butter are served, makes them a universal favorite. Their clear whistled ‘tee-seer' call, beginning in late Jan/early Feb, is one of the early signs of winter's ebb. Black-caps are largely non-migratory but there are intermittent mid Sep-mid Oct irruptions, presumably driven by food shortages, during which impressive numbers of mostly young birds move southwest during the day in ragged groups through woods and along shore lines.

    During fall, migrant warblers, vireos, and small flycatchers among others gather during the day in flocks. Highly vocal Black-capped Chickadees almost always lead these flocks.

    You can learn more about Black-capped Chickadees and see images here.

    Last Updated: September 26th, 2022