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    Black Guillemot / Cepphus grille

    : to . Breeds May-Aug in mostly small, scattered colonies along the eastern, southern and southwestern sides of MDI, and around Schoodic Point. Large colonies occur on Great Duck Island (about 400 pairs) and Little Duck Island (120 pairs). Birds are often in the vicinity of their breeding areas several months before nesting commences. in the upper parts of Blue Hill Bay and Frenchman Bay. No records from fresh water.

    Miscellany: Black Guillemots are unusual alcids in several respects. They don't migrate (at least in our area; see below), remaining all year within a few miles of their breeding sites, and they have dramatically different winter (whitish) and summer (black with white on the wings) plumages. In some years, one can see the first black Black Guillemots as early as late Feb.

    2023 was the first year the Schoodic Institute Sea Watch continued into December. On at least three days between Dec 9 and Dec 13 they counted between 71, 94 and 153 apparently migrant Black Guillemots, most determined as adults by the pattern of white on the wings. It's unclear where these birds came from.

    You can learn more about Black Guillemots and see images here.

    Last Updated: December 21st, 2023


    1. 1. Schoodic Point 44.332627, -68.059814
    2. 2. Little Duck Island 44.174095, -68.244030
    3. 3. Great Duck Island 44.152000, -68.249297