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    Blackburnian Warbler / Setophaga fusca

    : Breeds. late May-late Jul in mature spruce/fir woods but also in white pine and hemlock. Otter Point, Bass Harbor Head and the Blagden Preserve are good places to look and listen.

    : in deciduous and mixed woodlands and where migrants concentrate beginning early/mid May, with a late May peak, and mid Aug-late Sep, with an early-mid Sep peak and to early Oct.

    Miscellany: Breeding Blackburnians are hard to see well. Males sing from near the top spires of the tallest trees in the forest and females build their nests near the top of these same trees.

    Last Updated: April 25th, 2022


    1. 1. Otter Point 44.308417, -68.191367
    2. 2. Blagden Preserve 44.385722, -68.369222
    3. 3. Bass Harbor Head 44.222736, -68.336195