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    Blackpoll Warbler / Setophaga striata

    : to mid May-early June with from early May and to mid Jun, and to , occasionally , late Aug to early/mid Oct, with a peak mid/late Sep and to early Nov. Most often encountered in deciduous and mixed forests and places where migrants concentrate.

    Miscellany: Formerly a rare breeder on spruce-covered outer islands and a few eastern MDI shore points. No confirmed breeding records in more than 50 years.

    Part of Blackpoll's fall migratory path is over the Atlantic Ocean from the northeastern United States to northern South America, a route that averages more than 1800 miles over water and requires potentially nonstop flights taking more than three days. To fuel this flight, Blackpolls add fat, nearly doubling their body mass.

    Last Updated: May 30th, 2022