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    Blue-winged Teal / Spatula discors

    : Blue-wings may be an occasional breeder in fresh water marshes but the females are similar to females of other ducks, especially Green-winged Teal, and the conspicuous males are absent when broods begin to appear. There have been no confirmed breeding records since the 1960s.

    : mid Apr-early May and late Aug-mid Sep with from early Apr and to early Nov in fresh and, in fall, brackish marshes. , usually in flight, .

    Miscellany: Blue-winged Teal is a long-distance migrant with most wintering in N. South America. Pairs form on the wintering grounds or during the journey north so spring migrants are usually in pairs.

    Hamilton Pond often has a few spring birds and in fall the larger wetlands like the upper part of Bass Harbor Marsh can harbor small flocks.

    Last Updated: April 25th, 2022


    1. 1. Bass Harbor Marsh 44.254172, -68.340379
    2. 2. Hamilton Pond 44.428901, -68.288547