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    Bonaparte's gull / Chroicocephalus philadelphia

    : Non-breeeding. mid Jun-mid Jul anywhere on saltwater but most frequently on the fringes of active seabird colonies.

    : Complex. mid May-early June mostly through the with from early May but also where we have few data. late Jul-early Sep in the where birds arrive early and molt before continuing their . late Sep-early Nov with to early Dec, mostly with passage detectable from Schoodic Point.

    : mid Dec-mid Jan off Schoodic Point and Sand Beach/Otter Point.

    There are no records at any season from freshwater.

    Miscellany: Bonaparte's Gull is the only one of the world's gulls that usually nests in trees.

    Last Updated: April 25th, 2022


    1. 1. Sand Beach/Otter Point 44.323274, -68.188385
    2. 2. Sand Beach 44.329502, -68.183277
    3. 3. Otter Point 44.308417, -68.191367
    4. 4. Mount Desert Narrows 44.426120, -68.365795
    5. 5. Schoodic Point 44.332627, -68.059814