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    Eastern Bluebird / Sialia sialis

    : Breeds. and mid Apr-mid Sep. The meadows complex around the Crooked Road/Norway Drive intersection is the only known location consistently supporting multiple pairs.

    : late Mar-late Apr with from mid Mar, and late Sep-late Oct with a mid Oct peak and to late Nov. Favors open areas but often heard during the day as small migrating flocks pass overhead.

    : Formerly, in but since 2021, small groups have apparently wintered on Beech Hill Rd, Mt. Desert and Cable Crossing Rd, Southwest Harbor. See here.

    Miscellany: Eastern Bluebirds readily accept nest boxes - suitable nesting holes are often scarce - so anyone whose residence borders on a meadow of an acre or more could consider erecting one. The North American Bluebird Society has nestbox plans here.

    Last Updated: February 11th, 2023


    1. 1. Crooked Road/Norway Drive 44.414297857299, -68.295642909031