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    Eastern Towhee / Pipilo erythropthalmus

    : Breeds. and in the dense scrub/short tree habitat on mountain slopes with the north slope of Cadillac Mountain, the only consistent location.

    : late Apr-late May and again mid Sep-late Oct in scrubby areas and where migrants concentrate.

    : Nov-mid Apr with most records from bird feeders.

    Miscellany: Between 1950 and 1990, one or two (one year, four) Eastern Towhees were recorded on about half of the MDI Christmas bird counts. None have been recorded since. This decline in winter feeder birds roughly parallels the decline in breeding birds as scrubby growth habitat created by the 1947 fire slowly matured and became less suitable for breeding towhees. We're also at the very northeastern edge of its breeding range.

    Last Updated: June 1st, 2022