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    Field Sparrow / Spizella pusilla

    : Not documented this century as a breeder but there is a scattering of mid Jun-Aug records including a bird singing in both May 2011 and 2012 at the Babson Creek Preserve. The species nests in the Hancock and Washington County blueberry fields and could here at any time.

    : mid Apr-mid May with to early Jun, and mid Sep-late Oct with to late Nov, in weedy areas and places where migrants concentrate.

    : early Dec-early Apr, the most being Jan 20, 2020 in Southwest Harbor, with most records from bird feeders.

    Miscellany: Field Sparrow, like Eastern Towhee, had a few decades following the 1947 fire when the scorched northern part of MDI had a lot of open field-like habitat preferred by the species. It was however never common, here at the northeastern edge of its breeding range, and reforestation steadily reduced the available habitat.

    Last Updated: January 2nd, 2024


    1. 1. Babson Creek Preserve 44.373753, -68.330411