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    Herring Gull / Larus argentatus

    : and , breeding mid May-late Jul, mostly on uninhabited islands. Large colonies (>500 pairs) on Great Duck island and Egg Rock but even tiny rocky islets can support a few pairs. Ubiquitous on saltwater but often seen on larger freshwater lakes and ponds where birds of all ages come to bathe. Not known to nest on our freshwater lakes.

    : . Most adults are thought to be or disperse short distances ( +/- 100 miles) but local young and both adults and young from more northerly colonies disperse further and can be seen moving west singly or in small clusters along mid Sep-late Nov with a return Mar-Apr. This movement is seen most dramatically from Schoodic Point.

    Miscellany: Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls are thought to have declined significantly since the 1980s, due possibly to the decline in local fishing industries but also breeding ground predation of nestlings by Bald Eagles.

    Last Updated: June 2nd, 2022


    1. 1. Schoodic Point 44.332627, -68.059814
    2. 2. Egg Rock 44.353767, -68.138588
    3. 3. Great Duck Island 44.152000, -68.249297