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    Hooded Merganser / Lophodytes cucullatus

    : Breeds. and hard to detect Apr-Jul in small ponds and marshes with suitable nearby nesting cavities, which include man-made Wood Duck boxes.

    : mid Mar-mid Apr with from early Mar, and mid Oct-early Dec with from mid Aug, in small ponds and marshes. Spring arrival and fall departure dates seem dependent on fresh water ‘ice-out' and ‘freeze-up' dates. It's unusual to see more than 15 birds together at any season.

    : and mid Dec-late Feb in open fresh water. In some years, one or more birds have lingered through the winter at the mouth of Northeast Creek, the outflow from Bass Harbor Marsh just north of Rte 102 bridge, and the Somesville Mill Pond.

    Miscellany: From 2006-2013, a striking looking Hooded Merganser-Common Goldeneye hybrid, image here, wintered in Southwest Harbor. Common Goldeneye is perhaps Hooded Merganser's closest relative. Both species are hole nesters and both breed in Hancock County.

    Hooded Merganser eggs are unusual, almost round and unusually thick shelled, perhaps an adaptation against breakage as Hooded's clutches can be five feet below their cavity nest entrance.

    Last Updated: July 18th, 2022


    1. 1. Northeast Creek 44.419131, -68.306941
    2. 2. Mill Pond 44.361917, -68.334262
    3. 3. Bass Harbor Marsh 44.254172, -68.340379