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    Hudsonian Godwit / Limosa haemastica

    : Aug 12, 1986, Aug 11, 1987 and Sep 7, 1988, all from Mount Desert Rock, and Nov 5, 2014 off Otter Point.

    Miscellaneous: Most Hudsonian Godwits from the eastern population stage in the early fall along the shore of Canada's James Bay and then fly non-stop to South America. The few that find their way to northern New England end up in the broad coastal marshes and mud flats of southern Maine, a habitat almost absent from our area. There are a scattering of records from vessels in the Gulf of Maine so it's not surprising that most of our records are from Mount Desert Rock, in years when there were keen birdwatchers stationed there.

    Last Updated: June 2nd, 2022