MDI Birds
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    Virginia Rail / Rallus limicola

    : Not recently confirmed as a breeder but has been heard late Apr-late Jun in the Sieur de Monts area, the Schooner Head Road marshes, and in much smaller MDI wetlands like the one at the Cape Road/Rte 102 intersection.

    : Probably mid Apr-early Jun and again mid Sep-late Nov, but often silent and thus all but undetectable in freshwater marshes and wetlands.

    : late Dec-early Feb in open fresh water on MDI which has included drainage ditches and small streams.

    Miscellany: Most nocturnal bird migrants transit at some elevation, up to multiple thousands of feets above the earth's surface. Virginia Rails are thought to migrate just a few feet above the ground/tree tops.

    Last Updated: April 17th, 2024


    1. 1. Schooner Head Road Marshes 44.347021, -68.181995
    2. 2. Cape Road 44.316221, -68.406403
    3. 3. Sieur de Monts 44.364333, -68.207333