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    Yellow-throated Warbler / Setophaga dominica

    : May 2, 1987 at the MDIHS ponds, Aug 29, 1983 on Mount Desert Rock, Apr 21, 2016 in Southwest Harbor, Nov 1, 2017 at Schoodic Point and Jun 10, 2022 in Northeast Harbor.

    Miscellany: A powerful storm worked its way up the Atlantic Coast in the last days of Oct 2017, in the process entrained many migrants on their way to the West Indies and Northern South America. A good number of these, including dozens of Yellow-throated Warblers, were deposited when the storm made landfall in eastern Nova Scotia. Over the following days, Yellow-thoateds occured along the Maine Coast as the Nova Scotia waifs made their way back south again. The Schoodic bird and another the same day on Deer Isle were part of this repatriation.

    Last Updated: July 8th, 2022