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    Yellow Warbler / Setophaga petechia

    : Breeds. mid May-late Jul in mainland and island towns, marshes, fields and open woodland edges especially near water, and along salt water shore edges.

    : early May-early Jun with a mid-late May peak and from late Apr and to mid Jun, and again late July-mid Sep with an early-mid Aug peak and from early Jul and to mid Oct, in deciduous and mixed woodlands and places where migrants concentrate.

    Miscellany: Yellow is one of the most widely distributed breeding warbler in North America, absent (largely) only from Texas east to the Carolinas and south to Florida and the Gulf states. Our Yellow Warblers probably winter in Central or northern South America but they remember where they've come from. In one study in Manitoba, all 41 of the returning adult males occupied the same or nearly adjacent breeding territory as in the previous year.

    You can learn more about Yellow Warblers and see images here.

    Last Updated: October 15th, 2022